Looking to Grow Your Business with a Clear Marketing and Sales Strategy?

We are SETA Accredited Business Coaches and Run Business Growth Workshops to Enable You to Establish a Marketing and Sales Strategy!

We Are SETA Accredited Business Coaches

SETA Accredited Business Coaches to Coach You on Growing Your Small Business

Small Business Coach is a Services SETA Accredited Institute (Registration Number: 13719). We’ve been Coaching Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and Consulted Thousands of Startup’s and Companies on Starting and Growing a Business in South Africa since 2013.

For more info, call us on our Landline 021 974 9201 or on our Cell 066 186 1354.

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Business Growth Workshops

Small Business Coach is a Subsidiary Brand of Entrepreneurship School®. We are SETA Accredited Business Coaches and Run Business Growth Workshops to Empower You with the Knowledge to Grow Your Business!
The Business Growth Workshop is for Small Business Owners looking to increase their Skillset and Grow their Organisations. It consists of a 4 Hour Workshop either Online or at Small Business Coach’s premises. The Workshop will increase your Skillset and Empower you as a Business Owner to Grow your Business from Good to Great!

The Business Growth Workshop Include:
– 1 Workshop per month of 4 hours.
– The PowerPoint slides and notes of the Business Growth Worskshop.

Workshop Prospectus: 
– Session 1: Setting up a Clear Growth Strategy. (1 hour)
– Session 2: Aligning Your Business Model with Your Growth Strategy. (1 hour)
– Session 3: Setting Up a Strategic Sales Foundation. (1 hour)
– Session 4: Aligning Your Branding, Marketing & Sales Systems with Your Sales Foundation. (1 hour)

– Grow your Business on the Right Foundation.
– Adjust Your Business Model.
– Learn the Key Building Blocks for a Successful Business Model Transformation.
– Adjust Your Marketing Strategy for Your Business.
– Adjust the Effectiveness of your Sales System.

3 Easy Steps to Start:
– Step 1: Book Your Spot. (Only 10 Seats Available)
– Step 2: Send us the Proof of Payment for a Guaranteed Seat.
– Step 3: Show up for the Workshop with an Expectation ;)!

Cost: R490 per person. (Only 10 Seats Available).

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Date: Saturday, 30 January 2021.

Time: 9h00 – 14h00.

– Session 1 (9h00 – 10h00).
– Session 2 (10h00 – 11h00).
– Tea Break (11h00 – 11h30).
– Session 3 (11h30 – 12h30).
– Lunch Break (12h30 – 13h00).
– Session 4 (13h00 – 14h00).

Requirements: Notebook or Laptop for notes.

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Small Business Coaching Phases

We aim to walk the journey with our Clients for the long term through various Growth Phases.

Foundation - Business Coaching Programme

Whether you are looking to Launch or Grow Your Business, you need the Right Foundation for your Business consisting of a Clear Vision, a Viable Model and Operational Systems.

We start our Business Coaching process with a 12 Week Business Coaching Programme to establish a Solid Foundation for our Clients consisting of:

(1) A Clear Vision:
– Purpose.
– Strategy.
– Tactical Approach.

(2) A Viable Business Model:
– Strategy.
– Brand.
– Marketing.
– Sales.
– Product / Service Delivery Systems.

(3) Operational System:
– 5 Key Operational Boxes.
– 5 Key Operational Departments.
– Business Culture.

Phase 1 - Testing and Improving

After Creating the Right Foundation to Launch or Grow, you need to Test and Improve your Business Model until it Generates, Converts and Satisfies Customers Sustainably.

After the 12 Week Business Coaching Programme we continue to work with our Clients and assist them in the Testing and Improving phase of their Businesses:

(1) Test Launch:
– Marketing Campaign.
– Sales Strategy.
– Service Delivery.

(2) Review:
– Review Marketing.
– Review Sales.
– Review Service Delivery.

(3) Adjust:
– Adjust Marketing.
– Adjust Sales.
– Adjust Service Delivery.

Phase 2 - Establish

When your Business Model works Efficiently, you need to Fully Implement and Establish Key Operational Departments to Manage Your Business with Order and Control.

After the Testing and Improving phase, we assist with the Establishment of Key Departments, Employing the Right People:

(1) Key Departments:
– Marketing Department.
– Sales Department.
– Operations Department.
– Legal Department.
– Management Department.

(2) Employment System:
– Intro Letter.
– 1st Interview.
– Job Specific  Project.
– Check References.
– 2nd / Final Interview.

(3) Pilot Business:
– Setup Full Business Manual.
– Build 3 Month’s Cashflow.
– Exit the Operational Process.

Phase 3 - Expand

When you have Established Key Departments and Created a Business that works, you need to Expand and Grow your Business through Branching out or Franchising.

For a fully rounded of Business we assist our clients to cap it off with Branching or Franchising their Businesses to reach their Maximum Potential:

(1) Planning:
– Purpose.
– Strategy.
– Tactical Approach.

(2) Testing:
– Marketing Campaign.
– Sales Strategy.
– Service Delivery.

(3) Launch:
– Branch / Franchise Agreement.
– Finalisig the Business IP.
– Managing Growth.


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How we helped Helen Shongwe-Phillips, Owner of Pinocchio Crèche to take her Business from Good to Great!

“I’d like to thanks Brend for a wonderful journey. It was a motivational, insightful and positively challenging experience. The benefit off having a professional whom I could consult with.”

Helen Shongwe-Phillips, Owner of Pinocchio Crèche

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