When I met Thalia she wasn’t in the best space of her life, her business wasn’t profitable, her clientele decreased and she didn’t have systems in place to leverage from & ease the burden of building a business.

We started of with her personal goals, ambition and dreams. From there, we identified her strenghts and possible opportunities in different Industries. After we identified that she should not be changing Industries, we focussed on her already existing business. The idea was to start over, build a foundation and create a system dependant business.

Thalia also went through a re-branding process and is now known as ‘Vivre La Vie Stables’. We launched new marketing in the Programme and she managed to generate 7 new clients and over 15 new leads to follow up on. She’s also in the process to create new systems and leveraging many tasks to new employees.

We’re so proud of the amount of growth that took place in Thalia the last 3 months, she has a new vision, energy and outlook on life. We wish her all the best in building her business!

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