Lauren Hawkins from Run Design came to me when she was in a difficult space with her Business. After we did a Free Coaching session, Lauren decided that she will do the 3 Month – My SME Business Coaching programme.

(1) We focussed firstly on a Viable Business Strategy for Run Design, with a Business Vision.

(2) Secondly, we started working on Run Design’s foundation and specifically looking into Lead Generation and Lead Conversions strategies.

(3) Thirdly we assisted Lauren to setup systems to manage her Business with order and control.

We’re happy to report that Lauren signed a big contract with a major client in the last week of the 3 Month – My SME Business Coaching programme.

See Lauren’s written testimonial below, CLICK HERE for more information regarding the Business Programme.

Written Testimonial

Lauren Hawkins

Lauren Hawkins

Owner of Run Design

Lauren Hawkins Written Testimonial

“I completed My SME’s 12-week business coaching and just landed my biggest client EVER thanks to all Brend’s guidance.

It wasn’t an easy process to run through business training week by week. Combing through all my mistakes as a new business owner – but it was worth it.

I spent so much unnecessary money on “quick-fix” business strategies instead of focusing on the things that actually move the needle.

Brend and his team are the real deal. The best investment I ever made was this coaching – and in myself. Thanks My SME!”

Lauren Hawkins, Owner of Run Design

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