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Leenta Marx came to us for assistance in launching her life and team development coaching business. She was very excited, passionate and a great student that did everything with passion!

I worked with Leenta to get the basics in place for her to launch. We focussed on a strategy, a brand, marketing channels, a sales system and the five key departments she needs to develop in order to sustain her start-up.

Leenta has now successfully completed the Business Programme and her Business is up and running, we will be in contact to encourage her and assist her to grow throughout the journey!

See Leenta’s written testimonial below, CLICK HERE for more information regarding the Business Coaching Programme.

Written Testimonial

Leenta Marx

Leenta Marx

Owner of On Your Marx (Pty) Ltd.

Leenta Marx Written Testimonial

“This course was practical, insightful and set me up for success!

I may be good at what I’m doing but without proper business knowledge this was never going to be a successful business.

No entrepreneur should start a business without this program!”

Leenta Marx, Managing Director of  On Your Marx (Pty) Ltd.

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