Kozanai Mudi from Mudi Plumbing (Pty) Ltd. approached us as he was running his Plumbing Company but struggled to keep his head above water.

We assisted Kozanai with (1) Vision, (2) Structure & (3) Marketing Ideas. The idea was to first create a vision for clarity and then build a strong foundation with order, control and operational systems. After the structure was ready, we started activating ad’s on Facebook. Kozanai managed to convert some of the leads generated on Facebook into closed business.

We’re looking forward to walking the journey with Kozanai, and we believe he will make a massive success of his Business!

See Kozanai’s written testimonial below and contact us should you need assistance with your Business, CLICK HERE for more information.

Written Testimonial

Kozanai Mudi

Kozanai Mudi

Owner of Mudi's Plumbing (Pty) Ltd.

Kozanai Mudi Written Testimonial

“When I first met Brend, I had know clue on how to run a successful business. I thought being a qualified artisan will bring me more jobs and business.

After the Business Programme I have managed to change the way my business operates and I can see my business and brand expanding with a strong foundation.

My motto for entrepreneurship is “It always seems impossible until it’s done!”

Kozanai Mudi Founder & Owner of Mudi’s Plumbing (Pty) Ltd.

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