Hilda Enslin from IEHT (Pty) Ltd. came to us for assistance in starting her Business ‘In Excellence Hospitality Training! When I met Hilda she was not sure how she wanted to structure her business and offer her expert knowledge in the hospitality industry.

Hilda is extremely experienced and knowledgeable in the hospitality space, she taught at a hospitality college for over 25 years, appeared on Kyk Net and also owned her own restaurant. The first step in assisting Hilda was to get her to think like an entrepreneur and understand that a person with technical skill in a specific industry, does not mean that person will be successful in a business in that industry.

After I got Hilda to think like an entrepreneur, we got the basic foundation in place on which she could build her business:
(1) Strategy.
(2) Re-Branding.
(3) Marketing.
(4) Sales.
(5) Operational System.

I’m happy to see the changes in Hilda’s business model, and I’m excited to see how Hilda’s vision will unfold!

See Hilda’s written testimonial below, CLICK HERE for more information regarding the Business Coaching Programme.

Written Testimonial

Hilda Enslin

Hilda Enslin

Owner of IEHT (Pty) Ltd.

Hilda Enslin Written Testimonial

“The professional guidance that I receive from this company is the best investment into my future so far. With your excellent input into my business I know that I am on the right path to success.”

Hilda Enslin, Owner of IEHT (Pty) Ltd.

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